Client Success Stories: PURE Canadian Gaming 2017-06-26T10:56:33+00:00
Vince Pao
Vince Pao Executive Director of Marketing
Pure Canadian Gaming


Pure Canadian Gaming is the largest and longest standing casino organization in Alberta. They have four different locations throughout the province and as such have a vast amount of clientele and varying demographics corresponding to those individual locations. The team at Belmar enhanced their business processes with a sophisticated CRM system that has been a tremendous marketing tool that has helped them catapult ahead of their competition. Together we have created “a casino loyalty program that is industry leading”- Vince Pao, Executive Director of Marketing at Pure Canadian Gaming.

Our journey with Pure Canadian Gaming (PCG) began in the winter of 2012, when PCG was planning a re-launch of their brand, following a 2011 acquisition. Our team was able to offer PCG the support and expertise they were looking for, and a great relationship was formed in the wake of that success.

The Organization

Pure Canadian Gaming is the largest casino organization in Alberta, with locations in Calgary, Lethbridge and two in Edmonton. The company history dates back to 1973 and has undergone an evolution over the decades to best serve their clientele.

The Problem

When PCG was planning a re-launch of their brand, following a 2011 acquisition, the company had four locations and only 5 months to update an aging application which had been notoriously unreliable and offered no support. There was heavy process involved in change, client perception issues and multiple loyalty cards were also factors needing remedy.

The Solution

Scott and the team at Belmar were able to update PCG’s Customer Relations Management platform, and create unique customizations for the company’s four different locations and respective demographics. Belmar streamlined the loyalty program into one, which meant guests did not need to carry multiple cards in the casino. The Salesforce platform was also customized to provide differentiated, tiered levels of guest experience, which alleviated a complete dependency on concierges. Now, all employees can see the activity and player value levels and apply corresponding levels of guest experience to individual players.

Vince proudly explains that “Together we’ve built a casino loyalty program which is industry leading”. One which, empowers PCG to optimize their number one marketing tool.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits of Salesforce which Vince cites is the scalability, flexibility and efficiency of the cloud. During the time which Pure Canadian Gaming has been using the Salesforce, the platform has released nine updates, without any history of crashes or complications. So, not only has Salesforce alleviated PCG from the cost of using servers, it has been able to continually update the system without any down time.

Final Result

Vince was keen to note that Belmar’s involvement was paramount in the success of Salesforce implementation, that “Without the development work and support that Belmar provides, we would probably be on another platform right now”.
We hold dear our relationship with Vince and the team at Pure Canadian Gaming. They have been advocates for our work and we continue to enjoy giving support to their team as their organization continues to grow.