Meet Team Belmar: John Liu

John is the quiet-but-mighty certified Salesforce Developer on our team. He collaborates well with others but can also tackle projects all on his own, producing fantastic work on both the front and back end. John speaks Mandarin, grew up in North Vancouver and attended BCIT for two years to complete his diploma in Computer Systems Technology.

John’s skill with Apex and triggers on the server side, as well as user interface elements such as HTML, and JavaScript allow him to problem solve just about any challenges a client faces.

Such was the case for John’s work with Vancouver Island University, where John designed the University’s first CRM system, which now manages relationships with other institutions, high schools and tracks prospective students throughout their life cycle.

Here at Belmar, what John says he enjoys most is problem solving and being challenged. Due to the size of our team, John is continually engaged, involved and says “It feels like it’s your own project”. That sense ownership and connection with each company project, he finds very rewarding and motivating.

John Liu

John Liu

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