The Largest Salesforce Event in Victoria this Year!

Last week we were thrilled to host this year’s largest Salesforce Public Sector Event in Victoria!

Ian Bailey was the opening presenter, followed by an update on Dreamforce and the Canadian Data Centres from Richard Katrusiak and Steve Geahry from Salesforce. Insightful use-cases such as Colorado Peak, and ServiceNSW brought key concepts to life.

Cole Sidhu provided an update on the BC Government Salesforce Strategy work currently underway at MTICS. It was great to see how many Ministries are currently leveraging Salesforce such as:

  • BC Athletic Commission (CSCD)
  • BC Civil Resolution Tribunal (MoJ)
  • LNG-BuyBC (JTST)
  • Ministry of International Trade (MIT)
  • OCIO Exemptions (MTICS)
  • Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities (SDSI)
  • StudentAid BC: Institutional Dashboard (AVED)

As the Ministries continue to stack up, it shows that adopting the cloud is now more of a case of catching up than blazing a new trail in Public Sector.

Cole Sidhu demonstrated the power of the platform with a Child Welfare case study, in which Salesforce Einstein, Service Cloud, Visualforce, Communities, Field Service Lightning, Wave Analytics and HHS Case Management all formed a solution “recipe” to help children at risk.

And to complete the morning, we had a fantastic panel of speakers:

  • Trevor Hurst, CIO and Executive Director, AVED
  • Bruce Klette, CIO and Executive Director, MIT, SBRT, JTST, CSCD

Moderated by PJ Jhamat, VP of Business Development at Belmar, each panelist described their personal story of how they came to leverage Salesforce for their organization and shared their experience within the industry.

It was an exciting morning with many friendly faces, some meeting each other for the very first time. Hosting this event, our aim was to bring together the Salesforce public sector community in Victoria, and we were very pleased to see connections being made, insights being shared, and a community of practice starting to emerge.

For those who attended, you can download the Belmar slides here, and the Salesforce slides here.

Thank you to all of our speakers and to everyone who attended! We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Would you like to discuss any of the topics from the event in greater detail?

Please give us a call at 604-484-5270 or email PJ Jhamat at, we’d be glad to connect with you and see how we can transform your organization with Salesforce.

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