Dreamforce 2016!

Our team is having a great time at Dreamforce ’16!

Each day there have been so many inspiring speakers and events. Yesterday we were there for the most anticipated keynote speaker: Marc Benioff! Announcing Salesforce Einstein, bringing artificial intelligence to CRM. It may seem like a foreign concept to some, but AI is already in use all around us. From automated phone systems to Siri on our iPhones.

So, for a company that is always pushing the edge of technology, a company recognized as one of the most innovative in the world 5 years in a row, a company who’s core value is to serve their customers –

AI isn’t the future, it’s now.

With Salesforce we can track A LOT of data, but that information is only useful if it’s being put into action; that’s where Einstein comes in. Einstein makes predictions based on patterns from past and present data and will even make suggestions as to what actions to take next based on your customer’s behaviour. So, for instance, your marketing team can detect the right platform, the right content and the right time to engage with your customers because Einstein told them so!

Einstein will act as an invisible hand that guides each of your employees to greater success with your customers. The future beholds a hybrid approach whereby our best performers are given artificial assistance to help them perform even better.

It’s an exciting time in tech., but also in business at large!

That is why our team is so proud to be partnered with Salesforce. We share that commitment to our customers and will go above and beyond to find solutions they need, even if that means creating them. We’re excited by innovation, and we don’t back down from any challenge our clients face. It’s a partnership and we face the new challenges and opportunities our clients face, together.

Let’s take on the challenges your organization faces, and let’s turn them into opportunities. With this amazing technology, and our team’s expertise, together we can transform your organization.

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