Conga Composer 8

One of Belmar’s favorite apps is Conga Composer, and this spring they are releasing their latest version, Conga 8.

Conga Composer has helped many of our clients to simplify complex document generation with a click of a button, and the new version will make that experience even better.  Here are a few of the upcoming features we really excited about:

  1. Robust integration with Google Docs and Google Drive: You can now generate a template using Conga and it can automatically be saved inside Google Drive.
  2. Refined UI provides a more intuitive user experience: We thought the experience was good before, but with Conga 8 the experience is awesome.
  3. Improved HTML email capabilities: This is one of the most frequently requested features our team get from our clients and Conga is delivering.  Conga 8 will make HTML email even easier to create.
  4. Up to 3 times faster document generation: Performance is always welcomed and with Conga 8 the speed to produce document templates has gone through a major upgrade.
  5. Enhanced template builder makes creating and maintaining templates quicker and easier: This may be the best feature available, and will help administrator to create templates on the fly.

To learn more about how Conga can help you create easy to use templates from Salesforce get in touch with us!

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