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Paola Ashton
Paola AshtonVP of Sales


Belmar worked with Westlund Group to help them take their varying lead generating initiatives and data and compile them into one comprehensive system. Now they can see how well these initiatives fair, champion the ones which are successful and use the data they are collecting to create new initiatives in real time. The team has greater communication and is able to work together to generate ideas as well as maintain better relationships with their clients and prospects. Now instead of tracking leads in a spreadsheet, they can “Track leads, have a follow up system and also have their social profile connected”– Paola Ashton, VP of Sales.

Our relationship with the Westlund Group dates back many years but the transition to Salesforce happened rather recently in 2014. Andrew, the President of Westlund Group, contacted Scott because he knew about our expertise with Salesforce and year of experience helping other companies prosper. Working together has only strengthened the relationship we have and we are here to support them as they grow as a company.

The Organization

The Westlund Group is comprised of seven companies which Andrew Westlund has founded over the last 25 years, amidst following his many passions. Of those various companies, we worked with Andrew and his team at Agency Media, who specialize in creating dynamic advertising through film and design.

The Problem

Before working with Belmar, Agency was using only one Salesforce license and it wasn’t customized to their specific needs so they weren’t seeing the full value of their investment. They were still using excel sheets in combination with Salesforce and there was no transparency or sharing of information beyond the sales team. Andrew was looking to find a way to take his many ideas for prospecting and have them all consolidated into a centralized system where there was greater communication and less threat of information slipping through the cracks. “Andrew is such a visionary and he will have different ideas or concepts to try to get leads generated not only for us [Agency Media] but for the group of companies, and so what Belmar was able to do was listen to what we needed and completely customize a solution that worked and still works to this day”.

The Solution

When Belmar came aboard, the team did a thorough analysis on what kind of data Agency was collecting, and made a calculated plan of action based on our in-depth knowledge of the platform and experience with other companies. Paola explains that the process was easy and “Pranav spent so much time listening to our needs, that he was able to come back with something really good. I just think the service is fantastic.” Now Agency can have all of their companies’ data compiled into one source of truth, and Paola and Cody can easily create reports to present to the rest of the team so they can brainstorm different initiatives based on the results represented in the reports.

Additional Benefits

Agency Media is keenly focused on connecting with their clients via social media and Belmar customized their platform in order to add social media tracking so they can see the various touchpoints of social media from likes to sharing and the interaction between them and their target audience.

Final Result

Paola finds that Salesforce is easy to use and she is able to work with greater efficiency because “It’s much less manual because it’s able to spit out data when we need it”. When asked if Agency would recommend us to other organizations she enthusiastically replied “Absolutely! We’re a fairly small account and I feel like you guys treat us like gold. The service and response time has been impeccable”.

We are so thrilled about the work we’ve accomplished together and truly enjoyed working with their team. We look forward to providing them support as they grow.