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Kenji Maeda
Kenji MaedaExecutive Director


Executive Director of DOXA Documentary Film Festival,  Kenji Maeda was familiar with Salesforce and knew exactly what aspects of the platform he was interested in using. He chose Belmar because of the team’s experience in the non-profit sector, and our in-depth expertise of Salesforce. DOXA laid out all of the key areas which they were wishing to increase efficiency, namely surrounding donor and sponsorship data, and Belmar helped shape a plan using our knowledge of specific applications that worked in conjunction with their specific needs. Now, Salesforce “allows me to focus on building those relationships rather than managing a database”-Kenji Maeda, Executive Director of DOXA.

It all began when Kenji found us on the Salesforce Partner Portal and identified us as the right match for his organization DOXA Documentary Film Festival. Since then we have collaborated to streamline their data and empowered their small team to have fruitful and in-depth relationships with their donors, sponsors and viewers.

The Organization

DOXA is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver which is devoted to presenting documentary films to the greater Vancouver area. Believing in supporting independent and emerging talent, DOXA uses their platform to champion others. They also are passionate about screening and delivering both educational and entertaining films to the public.

The Problem

Founded in 1998, DOXA had several different kinds of excel databases for donors, sponsors, and industry contacts that had accumulated over the years. With such a vast amount of relationships to manage, and with some foresight to the future, Kenji came to the conclusion that a more efficient system needed to be implemented. Having some know-how about Salesforce and its reputation for streamlining business processes, Kenji searched for a local team who had a great deal of experience he could put his trust in. He found Belmar.

The Solution

Belmar worked with the DOXA team and created a plan based on their key areas of improvement and Belmar’s recommendations based on hands-on experience. Now DOXA can track donors, and even look back though the history of the organization to see the legacy of donation attributed to each individual. When it comes to donor data, “It’s important that there’s one place for that information to live other than having to look through multiple excel files. Having a robust system where we can input details such as, do they prefer Matthew or Matt? Is essential for our long-term growth”, says Kenji.

They can also create graphic reports so that they can achieve nearly instantaneous understanding through visual representation rather than reading years and years of written reports. In written reports, the data and the narrative are combined. Kenji explains that Salesforce helps to separate the story from the data and that being able to separate the two makes for much quicker comprehension and better use of the data accumulated. Also, the consistent format creates a baseline for all employees to understand one another, as opposed to a multitude of styles and approaches which would be more time consuming to interpret.

He explains that it’s also vital that multiple people have access to that information, “rather than living in one person’s head or a string of emails. It’s been critical for us to address organizational succession planning and mitigating the risk of institutional knowledge disappearing”.

DOXA can also see where their sponsors are in the pipeline and then strategize around facilitating that process through to the end.

Additional Benefits

Kenji is looking to a future whereby they can continue to grow and eventually, “cater our campaigns, marketing, and engagements for our supporters”. So, in the future, Salesforce will be an even greater marketing tool for their team, making sense of over 10,000 data points and enabling them to make use of that data in a way that generates potentially lucrative results. Project management is another key area for DOXA and Kenji says that “The long-term vision is to be able to integrate other operational aspects of the organization into Salesforce, such as tracking shipments, scheduling and organizing screenings and events, and volunteer management.” DOXA has plans to keep introducing new elements or stages of features over time to get increasingly more value out of the platform.

Final Result

Now DOXA can focus on their mission instead of getting tied up in administration. “The lack of robust systems and resources is a common issue for non-profits. I have already seen the results of this investment being worthwhile in its first year and I believe it will continue to benefit the organization for many more.”
It frees up more time and human resources in areas such as the time it takes to provide reports or track things and Kenji says he and his team have less anxiety with regard to concern over overwriting documents or having a system crash. He has confidence in the platform and that puts his mind at ease.

“We are happy with the results and ultimately at the core of it, the process was easy and if we have more financial resources to build into our new phase of development then I would come back”.