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Belmar Strategic Announcement

Last Friday, Salesforce and Amazon announced a strategic partnership that will see the opening of new Salesforce data centers running on AWS (including Canada by mid-2017), and closer integrations between Salesforce with Amazon’s cloud offerings. This new alliance between Salesforce and Amazon is exciting, as it introduces new opportunities for our clients to innovate while shaking off the shackles of costly infrastructure and on-premise systems. Belmar is thrilled to help drive this innovation in Canada, and look forward to helping our clients succeed on their “journey to the cloud”.

For more than 10 years, clients have depended on Belmar to provide expert advice and innovation, and we are committed to remaining at the top of our field. To achieve this, our leadership team has identified key areas that Belmar will need to transition to ensure the needs of our clients are being met:

  1. Service Offerings – while Salesforce development and implementation will continue to comprise our core offering, this will now be augmented by new services reflecting the new cloud ecosystem created through the Salsesforce and Amazon partnership.
  2. Talent – we are committed to providing the talent our clients are looking for, including consultants and developers with a broader variety of technical skills, and account executives that can effectively communicate the value of Salesforce and AWS for organizations.
  3. Thought Leadership – the world of Salesforce has become very different that it was a few short years ago, and our advistory services will reflect new tools and technologies like Marketing Cloud, Lightening, Einstein, AWS, and the new vendors entering the Canadian cloud ecosystem.

With this organizational transition, we will be seeing changes among a few of our team members, but we’re very excited to continue to invest in developing a talent pool that is capable of serving the growing needs of our clients. Our commitment to our clients remains the same and we are excited to be on this journey. We invite you to join us as we prepare for the launch of Salesforce and Amazon in Canada.

Scott Billows, CEO

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