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Thank you

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It's with great appreciation that we as a team at Belmar say thank you to our veterans, along with the men and women who currently serve our country today.  As a team [...]

Dashboard Paradise – II

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The power of dashboards is found at the intersection of great data and amazing visuals.  Similar to the dashboard in your vehicle, which brings together a point in time [...]

Dashboard Paradise – I

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I don't know about you, but having access to good information when I need it is something I've become accustomed to having as a user. At Belmar, dashboards drive [...]

Our new home

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Thanks for checking out our new home.  We are very excited to officially launch our new corporate design and rebranded website. As a company, Belmar has been on an amazing [...]

Making the case for CRM

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“Old habits die hard”. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. This way of thinking, or variations of, echo's things we hear every day from companies [...]